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Book Review: Blogger’s Block: How to Get Rid of It Now! by Mick Michaels

I really enjoy blogging. In fact, I've been known to spend too much time on it when I should have been working on other projects.

Last November, though, something unusual began to happen when I sat down to work on my blog. My flow of ideas slowed to a trickle. I couldn't think of a thing to say about writing, usually my favorite topic in the entire world. 

My blog started to gather dust as I missed days and then weeks of posts. My small but loyal following started to fade away. Not good.

I had almost given up on myself when I was browsing on Amazon and found a book entitled Blogger's Block: How to Get Rid of it Now! by Mick Michaels. It is available only in Kindle.

The book is short, direct, and has you answering questions about your blog and making lists of topics from the first page on.

Michaels starts by encouraging you to develop a clear, over-arching "core" idea of what your blog is about. Just as importantly, he asks you to describe what you want to accomplish with it (entertainment, instruction, breaking news, and so forth).

Once you have your core idea in mind, Michaels takes you through the process of narrowing your core idea to a series of categories. For instance, my core idea, writing, could spawn categories like freelance writing, fiction writing, writing bloopers, writer's block, reviews of books about writing, nonfiction and…well, the list could go on forever.

You can then review each category and come up with a list of specific blog topics that fall under the umbrella of the category. If you can come up with ten categories and ten blog post ideas for each category, you'll have a hundred new posts to keep you occupied.

Michaels also suggests using online aids such as the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to help you out if you get stuck.

Blogger's Block is available for just 99 cents, a more than fair price for the material offered.

Less than two weeks after I purchased it and read it, I was back on my regular blogging schedule and enjoying each and every post. I guess you could say I'm a very satisfied customer.

Where do you turn when you get stuck for ideas?  

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